There is an utmost urgency and need to have any site mobilized and ready to go. Why? More people are using smartphones and Androids. Did you know that over 15% of users for internet traffic come from mobile phones? This number is set to jump further as the days go one. This makes it even more essential that sites use optimum mobilization.

How can sites achieve this?

Let’s look at few ways right now.

1) Keep it simple The design of your site needs to be simple and sweet.

It’s okay to include some bells and whistles to lure clients in. The main message needs to be thorough and simplified.

Here is is a small checklist of things to do:

  • Identify the brand. This includes heading and logo.
  • Section each page to include only the relevant details. Only include the stuff your clients are interested in seeing and knowing. Get rid of the rest of the garbage.
  • Include a menu. This is key for site mobilization. You want your clients to have easy access to what you have to offer. This is not going to help when your clients can’t get to something they need.
  • Use the right sizes and shapes. Do not use overstuffed words and imagery. Do not make something bigger just to make a point. If it’s not needs, then get it out.
  • Always include links to your information wherever you go. Your clients need to find you where ever they are. Include a link to everything.

Here is what you should NOT do:

  • Never ask your clients to “zoom in” to read something. Your clients should be able to read your information, whether they are on a phone or home computer.
  • Never stuff your page with lots of big words. These words make it heard for your customers to understand. As we said earlier, keep it all simple.
  • Don’t just put in plugins for the sake of it. Plugins have a purpose. If your page doesn’t require the plugin, leave it be. If you do need to use a plugin, make sure all devices and home computers can access it. It’s going to hurt your profit line if someone can’t get to something.

I felt it was right to include some of the should nots on the list. It’s imperative to know what counts and what doesn’t. This way your site will make the most of it’s mobilization.

2) Displaying content

This is the next thing I’d like to bring up. Your site content has to be accessible from any kind of device. The content needs to be the same for the first generation iPhone to the Galaxy S4. It all needs to be the same. The images need to be the same, so do the lettering. Be conscious of this please. Text might restructure itself on a larger screen, it will not on a smaller screen. Take note, not all your clients have the larger screens.

3) Does it all work on a mobile device?

This is one problem that many sites run into with their optimization. Sometimes a converters works, sometimes it doesn’t. Make sure your content can carry over from a home computer to your phone. This is a big deal.

Many clients go right from their home computers to their iPhone or tablet. Think about how you would feel if this happened to you. Would you like it if you didn’t yield the same results?

It’s a good idea to run dry tests on your site. This should be done even before you put it out on the market. This way you know it will work.

Some ending thoughts

About 75% of Americans go right from their home computer to their phones. It’s just what happens anymore. Most people will not waste the entire day on their computer. They will play all day on their phone. I’ll admit that I do the same thing. Some days I get off my home computer and spend the rest of the night on my phone.

Make sure that everything you have on your site is easily accessible. This was probably mentioned before, but it bares repeating. Can someone access your phone number from the phone? Can that someone access your site from their phone too? if not, you might want to put up a special display tab for it. Say something like “click here for more details.” Think of your mobile SEO strategy – that’s where a professional SEO Company can help. Hire Managed Admin for all website mobile optimization and SEO needs.

This way the person won’t feel pressured to go back onto the computer again. This will help to keep your clients happy. If your clients are happy, this means more revenue for you. This also means more clients will come on board.

What is the number one reason for a client leaving a site or brand? It’s due to the accessibility. Many companies have lost customers to the competition over this. Some of these companies did not pay attention to the trends. Due to this lack of concern or knowledge, their clients jumped ship.

Do you want to become one of the casualties?

I didn’t think you did. This is why you need to pay attention to the above elements. Each of them will help to increase your client base, as well as your mobilization rates. If your mobilization rates are up, then this is a good thing.

Please do yourself a favor and look into this, if you haven’t already. There are a few links down below for you to check out. These links will give you some ideas of how to accomplish these tasks, only they go into it much deeper.

Your site is your bread and butter. You need to treat it as such. Work on your new approach to your site today.